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In addition to being able to find online what vital (metrical) records exist
for each town, E.L.A. (Ewidencje Ludnosci w Archiwaliach -- Evidences of
Population in Archival Collections) is now online at the State Archives of
Poland Web site [Just go to Google and type in 'State Archives of Poland"].

It is a database of all registers of population - books of residents, lists
of Jews, lists of dentists and doctors, members of unions -- you name it.
What is available for each town differs widely. The initial page is in

Click on "database." Then use the pull-down and click on "Registers of
population." Write in the town you wish to research and choose the archive
you want >from the pull-down list or choose all archives.

The rest is in Polish and you will need a good Polish dictionary! Books of
Residents are called "Ksiegi Ludnosci Stalej" or "Ksiegi Meldunkowe." If
you click on the item, you get all the reference data - sygnatura
(reference #), zespol (fond), years it covers, what archives houses the
documents, etc.

If you find something of interest, you can write the Polish State Archives
(address is on Web site) and request someone to do the research. In 2004,
it was 70 zl initial fee, 55 zl an hour.

Fay Bussgang
Lexington, MA

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