Books of Residents and Census #poland

Gilbert Hendlisz <gilbert.hendlisz@...>

Dear Friends,

I wanted to express my thanks to Stanley Diamond and Fay Bussgang for
focusing on the question of the Books of Residents. Those are a gold
mine for researchers with lots of informations about not only one person
you are interested in, but also his whole family, sons and daughters-in
laws, the town they came >from or the town where they decide to move to
and so on.

As Stanley may remember, there is long time that I volunteered for
indexing or helping in projects relating to these BoR, when they exist.
The question is: practically what is the project about ? Do we have to
raise money and ask the Polish Archive to make the indexing of the pages
of these BoR or do we purchase the copies of the pages and do we make
the indexing by ourselves like in the shtetl-co-op operations ? My
preference would be for the second proposal. I would like to know more
before volunteering.

Thanks for your answers.

Gilbert HENDLISZ (Brussels)

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