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Mark Halpern

Addresses were identified by House Numbers. These numbers were assigned
as the houses were built. House numbers in sequence were not necessarily
near each other, unless they were assigned when the house numbering
system was developed and implemented.

House numbers were included in all birth and death records >from the
institution of civil registration in Galicia in 1784 until the time when
Street addresses (number and street name) were instituted. In Lwow,
street addresses were instituted before the turn of the 20th Century,
For most other towns, this occurred before World War I.

Mark Halpern
AGAD Archive Coordinator

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In Galician birth registers (post 1877) 2 of the sub-columns in column 2
are for the place of birth - one is the town, the other is the house
number. How were addresses identified at that time? Is there a street
name or were all the houses in the town identified solely by a house

Manassas, VA

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