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Pamela Weisberger <pweisberger@...>

I'd like to share some information ust received >from a friend in Ukraine
about the theft of documents >from the Lviv archives and their subsequent
closure for inventory:

An article issued by the Ukrainian News Agency, Kyiv, Ukraine, in June
reported that police officers seized over 1,500 documents stolen >from the
Lviv state historical archives >from a 60-year old resident of Lviv. Among
the documents was the correspondence of Metropolitan Andrii Sheptytskyi. It
was established that the materials were stolen >from the archives during the
last five to seven years and the police also identified the circle of
persons that might be involved in this theft, issuing the statement: "This
theft would not have been possible without the employees of the archives."
Police carried out more than 100 searches and interrogations regarding this
case, including several prominent political figures.

The criminal case relating to the theft in the archives was opened on
December 24, 2004 after two collectors arrived in Lviv with documents that
were stolen >from the archives and approached archive personnel to assess
their value. The archives employees, stating that the cost of the stolen
documents was several million euros, explained that many of these documents
were gifted out during the election campaign of Viktor Yanukovych to a museum,
which triggered the closure to the public and stock-taking inventory in the
archives. During the inventory the police established new cases of theft >from
the archives. The Department of Internal Affairs in the Lviv region is
conducting the investigation.

This theft has had an impact on all archives throughout Ukraine, as
officials are now more aware about the potential theft and value of
historical documents, and there may a long-lasting effect on how all
genealogical researchers are received in the future.

It is interesting to note, that Metropolitan Archbishop Andrei Sheptytskyi
is an important figure in the book "Lvov Ghetto Diary" written by Tel Aviv
rabbi (and former Grzymalow, Galicia resident) David Kahane. Sheptytskyi,
along with his brother, Abbot Kliment, and the monks sheltered the author
during the Occupation, while his wife and three-year-old daughter found
harbor in a Lvov convent. Kahane provides a virtual day-by-day account of
conditions under which his coreligionists lived and perished in Lvov, >from
the July 194l capture of the city by the Germans to the July 1944 liberation
by the Red Army, and while he condemns Ukrainians for complicity with their
Nazi captors in exterminating Jews it is only the Uniate Catholic Church
that is exempt >from his rancor, due to the actions of Sheptytskyi.
Fascinating that the correspondence of this individual at the center of this
disturbing case.

Pamela Weisberger
Research Coordinator, Gesher Galicia
Santa Monica, CA

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