Help with 1939 Census of Biala Podlaska #poland

Robert Strumwasser <RobertStrumwasser@...>

I've been trying to use the information contained in the wonderful 1939
Census of Biala Podlaska that is now online at JRI-Poland. Unfortunately,
I've been having a bit of a problem interpreting some of the data and I was
hoping that someone here might be able to shed some light.

I'm finding a number of records that are clearly a listing for a man, yet
also have an entry under "Maidensurn."

For example, I found Menachem JAWOC, with a "maidensurn" of WAJNCWEJG. It
then goes on to give his parents' names, and his mother's surname as

In such a case, is the "maidensurn" column referring to his **wife's**
maiden surname??

If so, does it still keep it's "usual meaning" when it appears in a listing
for a woman? (e.g., is it then referring to *her own* maiden surname, with
the primary surname for the entry being her married surname).

Also, the website explaining the project gives the following information:
"Researchers with an interest in their families' records must identify
themselves as relatives when ordering copies of the cards >from the Ronald S.
Lauder Foundation Genealogy Project."

Is merely identifying myself as a relative sufficient? Do they require
proof of some kind? If so, what would be sufficient? In addition, what if
you can't yet prove a direct relationship to everyone whose card you want?
One of the reasons one might want a card is to prove exactly this kind of
relationship. For example, there were several SZTROMWASER families living
in Biala Podlaska; I have a hard time believing they were not all related
even if I cannot yet "prove" it.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Robert Strumwasser
Sharon, MA, USA

in Galicia: LOBL >from Sadagora, KALTER >from near Zhelibory, Voynilov, &
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