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Ruth Wielgosz <ruth_wielgosz@...>

Subject: Lviv Historical Archive Information
From: "Pamela Weisberger" <>
Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2005 11:07:53 -0700

I'd like to share some information just received >from a friend in
Ukraine about the theft of documents >from the Lviv archives and
their subsequent closure for inventory:

The Ukrainian News Agency, Kyiv, Ukraine, in June reported that
police seized over 1,500 documents stolen >from the Lviv state
historical archives >from a 60-year-old resident of Lviv. It was
established that the materials were stolen >from the archives during
the last 5-7 years and the police also stated: "This theft would
have been possible without theemployees of the archives." Police
carried out more than 100 searches and interrogations regarding
case, including several prominent political figures.

The criminal case relating to the theft in the archives was opened
on December 24, 2004 after two collectors arrived in Lviv with
documents that were stolen >from the archives and approached archive
personnel to assess their value. The archives employees, stating
that the cost of the stolen documents was several million euros,
explained that many of these documents were gifted out during the
election campaign of Viktor Yanukovych to a museum, which triggered
the closure to the public and stock-taking inventory in the
archives. During the inventory the police established new cases of
theft >from the archives.

Does this mean that supporters of Yanukovych within the Ukrainian
government enlisted Lviv archive employees to steal archive documents
for use as kick-backs to Yanukovych campaign

I have tried to find more information on this situation, but have
found nothing in English about the involvement of the Yanukovych

Matthew Bielawa has posted the Lviv archives' official press releases
on his Galician genealogy website, along with a few of his own

I also found this article: It is
followed by several links to Ukrainian- and Russian-language news

Could somebody on the list who reads Ukrainian and/or Russian please
check these links to see if they have additional details on the
thefts and their investigation?


Ruth Wielgosz
Washington, DC

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Pamela's original message was posted as a one-time
informational service to researchers interested in this archive. The
subject of the theft per se is not within the scope of this list, so
please respond privately if you have any information for Ruth.

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