Gesher Galicia Regional Meeting-Nov. 20th-NYC #poland

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Gesher Galicia, the special interest group for Galicia, a province of the
former Austro-Hungarian Empire, will be holding our second annual regional
meeting this November, jointly sponsored by the Jewish Genealogical Society
of New York.

Date: Sunday, November 20, 2005

Time: 2:00PM - 5:00PM

Location: The Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th St., New York, NY

We've planned a full and interesting program for researchers interested in
Eastern European Jewish life, not just Galician. We are providing this
early notice so those of you who don't live in the Greater New York area can
make plans to attend.


-A brief update on Gesher Galicia's research projects and town/region
groups, the status of the Lviv Historical Archives, and a tutorial on how to
find genealogical treasures on the Polish online auction site, Allegro.

-Film: The Jews of Poland: Lwow. Shot in 1939 on the streets of Lwow, this
ten-minute documentary is one of the last visual accounts of Jewish life in
the former Lemberg, Galicia, before the Holocaust.

-Jewish Records Indexing Poland Update: Mark Halpern will discuss the status
of the JRI-Poland Galician projects in Polish and Ukrainian archives and
will clarify strategies for ordering records.

-Jewish Life in Galicia – Suzan Wynne will focus on the lives of our
Galician ancestors as they set about making a living, marrying and raising
families, educating their children, and participating in religious life.
She’ll explain the process of surname acquisition, the development of the
Kahal system of Jewish self-government and the participation of Jews in the
mandated system of universal education under Emperor Franz Josef.

-Searching Polish And Galician Directories Using Optical Character
Recognition (OCR)
Logan Joseph Kleinwaks will discuss the Polish and Galician business and
telephone directories that are now available online through the websites of
the Digital Library of Wielkopolska and the U.S. Library of Congress and
will demonstrate how to use the OCR-based online search engine he has
created to search these successfully. For those with an interest in using
OCR, he will briefly review the leading commercial OCR software programs,
demonstrating their use on Galician documents, and will comment on
associated scanning technologies.

POST-SCRIPT - (After regular meeting)

FILM: ““I Remember Jewish Drohobycz”

In this short video portrait of the vanished world of Eastern European
Jewry, JGSLA founding member and rabbinical scholar, David Einsiedler, born
in Drohobycz in 1919, recounts the heart and soul of shtetl life between the
two World Wars. Through personal reminiscences, he leads us through the
streets and into the homes and schools of this Galician town. David
describes moving to Lvov, then to the university in Pisa, Italy and then on
to America in the late 1930s as the threat of war looms over his beloved
home and the lives of his loved ones.

Prior to the meeting's start, the Center Genealogy Institute will be open
from 12:30PM to 2:00PM for networking with other researchers and access to
resource materials and computers.

Additionally, we plan to hold several Birds-of-a-Feather lunch gatherings
from 12:00N - 2:00PM at the Center.
If you are interested in attending a BOF group, please e-mail Eden Joachim

with your town(s) or region information so we can plan accordingly. As the
date draws closer, we will notify the specific groups as to arrangements.
(You do NOT need to RSVP to the general/JGSNY meeting, however.)

If you have any questions about any other aspects of the program, please
contact me privately.

Looking foward to seeing you there.....

Pamela Weisberger
Research Coordinator, Gesher Galicia
Santa Monica, CA

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