Translation of 3 additional chapters from the Radzyn Podlaski Yizkor Book #poland

Yaakov Goldwasser <ygoldwas@...>

We are pleased to announce the translation to English of three additional
chapters >from the Radzyn Podlaski Yizkor Book:

1. The unbroken chain: by Mordechai Tannenbaum.
The history and importance of the &#8216;Blue Thread&#8217; for the Radzyner Chassidim,
the attempts to produce it again after the end of World War II and how this
was finally accomplished in Israel.

2. Teachers, whips and youth: by Zanvil Zaltzstein. The author describes
early childhood education in a Cheder in Radzyn.

3. >from those days: by M. Ben Shmuel. A description of life in the Chassidic
community in the time of Reb Mordecai Yosef the Radzyner Rabbi, relationship
with Chassidim who came >from other towns to be near the Rabbi and the
changes that eventually came about .

We thank Joyce Field, Lance Ackerfeld and all the Yizkor Book Project
personnel for uploading the chapters onto the Radzyn Yizkor Book website:

Nachman and Temmy Goldwasser
Gesher Haziv

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