I am trying to locate an Abraham PERRIN, Hannah Leah SOBEL, Ely, Sadie,
Robert, and Mildred ROSENBERG.

My grandmother, Gittel ROSENBERG WINKLEMAN, of the Suwalki/Jelenieow,
Poland area had at least two brothers. One was Harry ROSENBERG who may
have settled in Chicago. The other was Morris ROSENBERG who had four
children-Ely, Robert, Sadie, and Mildred. The children may have settled
in New York.

One cousin, Abraham PERRIN, lived and worked in New York. I have a
1920s picture of Abe PERRIN with my father.

Another cousin, Hannah Leah SOBEL, lived in California in the 1920s.
Please respond to Jack Winkleman
Wallingford, CT

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