New Holocaust Databases #poland

Joyce Field

I have been asked by Warren Blatt to post the following important
message on his behalf regarding new databases.

JewishGen is pleased to announce the addition of 37,000 new records
to the JewishGen Holocaust Database < >.

There are 13 new datasets, and two updated datasets. The 13 new datasets are:

* "Lodz Transports to the Chelmno Extermination Camp":
Names of 7,168 individuals >from Lodz who were transferred to the
death camp at Chelmno, June-August 1944.

* "Gyor Victims at Auschwitz":
Names of over 3,000 victims >from Gyor, Hungary, deported to
Auschwitz, made by a Jewish communal organization.

* "Jewish Physicians >from Czechoslovakia":
Names of 1,668 Czechoslovakian physicians who died during the
Holocaust, >from an unpublished yizkor book manuscript.

* "Hannover-Ahlem Prisoners":
Names of 257 prisoners, mostly Polish Jews, who perished in a subcamp
of Neuengamme, located in Ahlem/Hannover.

* "Jews of Des (Dej) in the Ghettoization of May, 1944":
List of 3,250 Jewish residents in Des, Hungary (now Dej, Romania),
just prior to their deportation, May 3-10, 1944.

* "Kisvarda, Hungary - Records Before Deportation, 1944":
3,516 residents >from Kisvarda (Kleinwardein), Hungary ghetto prior to
their deportation, April 10-13, 1944.

* "Jews >from Iasi (Jassy) Who Survived the Transports":
List of over 1,600 Jews who survived two transports by train >from
Iasi (Jassy) Romania.

* "Kozienice Ghetto Census (Lista), 1939 - 1942":
4,023 inhabitants >from the census of Jews in the Kozienice ghetto,
made by the Jewish Council of Kozienice.

* "Holocaust Survivors Claiming American Citizenship":
Applications of 621 individuals claiming American citizenship,
processed in Zurich by the U.S. State Department.

* "Subotica Jews, Victims of the Fascist Occupation, 1941-45":
1,993 names of victims >from Subotica, now in Serbia (formerly
Szabadka, Hungary, before WWI).

* "Balta Ghetto":
2,817 Jews >from the Balta Ghetto, Transnistria, as of 1941.

* "Balta Orphans":
List of 220 orphaned children in the Balta Ghetto.

* "Balta Batallion":
List of 507 Jewish men in Batallion 120 - Romanian forced laborers in
Transnitria, 1941-1944.

We've also updated the following two datasets:

* Dachau Indexing Project:
Over 7,000 records added, for a total of over 135,000 records.

* North Bavarian Jews:
1,200 records added; now over 7,400 records total.

Thanks to all the volunteers who have made these possible, especially
project coordinators Nolan Altman and Mike Kalt.

The JewishGen Holocaust Database is a collection of nearly 100
different datasets, containing over one million entries about
Holocaust victims and survivors.

This database can be searched at < >.

Warren Blatt
JewishGen Editor-in-Chief

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