Yiddish Schools in Communist Countries #poland

Abuwasta Abuwasta

May I add my small own contribution:
Between in 1955-6 I attended a Jewish school in
Walbrzych(formerly Waldenburg) in Lower
Silesia(nowadays Poland).It was a state school with
Polish as a main language and 4 weekly hours of
Yiddish >from the 1st class (which I attended).The
school was named after Yitzhak Leibush Peretz.The
Yiddish simple poems we learnt glorified Stalin. I
know of a similar school in Wroclaw(Breslau) named
after Shalom Aleichem which operated at least until
It did not help,we ended up in the Zionist State but I
still remember some Yiddish...

Jacob Rosen

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