Lublin Area Update #poland


Dear fellow researchers:

It's been a busy year for Jewish Records Indexing - Poland, and a long
time since I've provided you with an update on the Lublin Area projects.
Here is a summary of where we are on the project to create an index of all
towns with Jewish vital records kept in the Lublin Branch of the Polish
State Archives.

We have raised over $28,000 which has paid for projects in 35 towns.
The Zamosc PSA project overlaps the Lublin PSA project, which means that
another 25 towns have had projects that are almost completed. Therefore,
60 towns in the Lublin area have now been at least partly indexed through
JRI-Poland PSA projects! Incredible!

1) I've updated the Lublin Area Surname Spreadsheet which shows the number
of occurrences of each surname in each town which have completed PSA
projects. Reviewing this EXCEL spreadsheet may give you an idea of
additional towns to search your family names in. The spreadsheet also
indicates which of this information is on-line on the JRI-Poland database,
and which projects are not yet fully funded. I'm happy to send you the
spreadsheet if you write me and ask for it. Please mention the what town
you are primarily interested in. It may help me to help you a bit further.

2) We have seven projects for which we have recently retrieved additional
late 19th century data >from Poland, and which will be added to the
JRI-Poland database when we raise the funds to pay for their development.
If you are interested in supporting one of the following projects, please
contact me immediately. Each town (except Krasnik) has a qualifying
amount of $100, which means that donations of any size are greatly
appreciated, but if you can make a donation of $100 or more to JRI-Poland
for one of these towns ($50 for Krasnik), you would be eligible to receive
your own copy of the spreadsheet data once you sign a database sharing
agreement. The towns and the amount of money we need to raise are:

Biskupice (Target: $550)
Josefow nad Wisla (Target:$900)
Kock (Target: $950)
Krasnik (Target: $600)
Kurow (Target: $1050, Raised $550 so far)
Pulawy (Target: $1000, Raised $800 so far)
Terespol (Target: $1350)

3) There are many Lublin Shtetl CO-OP projects in process. Some are
still waiting for volunteers to step forward and type or proofread other
typists' work. Some are waiting for volunteers who can read Russian
Cyrillic. Still others need proofreading. If you are able to lead a
new project, please contact me immediately, as there are volunteer
waiting for me to organize them, and I've been too busy to be responsive.
Project coordinators would be greatly appreciated!

4) In addition, there are still 6 or 7 Lublin area towns which do not
have Shtetl CO-OP Projects. If you are interested in one of the
following towns, please contact me:

Janow Podlaski

There are many other Lublin area projects in the works. I didn't want to
make this note any longer, but if you have an interest in a Lublin area
town that I have not mentioned, please contact me if you'd like an update.

Again, please remember that if you'd like a copy of the new Lublin Area
Surname Frequency Spreadsheet, just contact me. Please remember to tell
me what towns and surnames you're interested in. I'm happy to help you
as much as time allows me to.

Very best wishes for the New Year!

Robinn Magid
Kensington, California
Lublin Archives Project Coordinator
Jewish Records Indexing - Poland


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