Re: Ben Bernanke-Roots #poland

Mark Halpern

Although I know nothing about Ben Bernanke's roots, I suggest that Jacob
and others use the JRI-Poland database to determine where in Poland a
surname was used.

If you search the JRI-Poland database for BERNANKE, the only area where
this name appears is in index entries >from Boryslaw, Drohobycz, Sambor,
and Skole -- all >from the southeastern part of Ukraine, formerly
Galicia. All these towns are within 40 miles of the others.

Alexander Beider's book "A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames >from Galicia"
states that the roots of this name is unclear.

Mark Halpern

----- Original Message -----
Dear Galitzianers and other researchers,
The new Chairman of Federal Reserve bears a surname
which sounds Galitzian.

Without infringing into his privacy which should be
respected I wonder where are they >from and when did
they reach the US?

Jacob Rosen

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