Ship Records #poland

Errol Schneegurt

I was re-looking at a ship manifest that had my Great-grandmothers and her
daughter, great aunts, trip to America back in 1901. They never stayed here.
In the column labeled number there was a handwritten notation of some kind.
It is the letter "S" and something that looks like a diamond with the lower
right portion missing. This did not look like an omission but a deliberate
symbol of some kind. I saw it further down the page again but the diamond
was a bit on its side still missing the lower right line to complete the
It was hard to line up the last column with the first so I am not sure if the
notation is for the child or not but it has a completed diamond and appears
to read "defru (defiu) Boil none". Diamonds may have been used in place of

Any ideas what this is all about.
Errol Schneegurt ESLVIV@... LI NY

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