Announcing the Sulejow, Poland PSA Indexing Project #poland

Gloria Berkenstat Freund

I am happy to announce that the indexing of the birth, marriage and death
records for Sulejow for the years 1873 to 1903 has been completed at the
Piotrkow-Trybunalski branch of the Polish State Archives. The period of
these records covers the years when many of our grandparents and
great-grandparents lived in Sulejow. I have a list of the surnames in this
index (which includes surname spelling variations) and their frequency in
the index which I will be happy to send to anyone who wishes to look at it.

Some of the most frequently mentioned surnames are:

In order for us to have access to this database, it must be uploaded to the
JRI-Poland website. However, before this can be done, we must pay for the
expenses incurred in the creation of the database. The 1873-1903 documents
are written in the Cyrillic alphabet and the process of creating the
database involved data entry in Russian and then using a JRI-Poland macro to
transliterate the names into their Polish counterparts. Professionals were
hired in Poland to do this work.

The total cost of the creation of the database is $600. $150 has already
been donated. If you make a contribution of $100 or more, you will be
eligible to receive an Excel file with the complete index for the town of

Contributions to JRI-Poland are tax-deductible for US and Canadian
taxpayers. Make sure to indicate that your contribution is for the Sulejow
indexing project.

Send your cash, bank draft or money order contributions to "Jewish Records
Indexing-Poland" or questions concerning donations to:

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland, Inc.
c/o Sheila Salo, Treasurer
5607 Greenleaf Road
Cheverly, MD 20785 USA

Telephone / Fax: (301) 341-1261
E-Mail: ssalo@...

Visa and MasterCard contributions may also be telephoned to Sheila Salo.
(Only between the hours of 8:00 am and 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time,
please) or they can be faxed using the form at

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3)
organization. Contributions to Jewish Records Indexing - Poland are
tax-deductible in the U.S. to the extent permitted by law. Canadian
contributors should visit to
learn how they can make tax deductible contributions.

Your participation is crucial for the success of this project. For further
information, contact me at glory1@...

Gloria Berkenstat Freund
New York, NY
Piotrkow Trybunalski JRI-Poland/PSA Project Coordinator

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