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I have been working with Stephanie Weiner to try and
solve the mystery of the disappearing GRUNRO{C}K. They
did exist - they appeared and disappeared. One of the
problems is the different spellings. There appears to
be some connection with the UK but they are not in the
census of England and Wales [1851-1901].

Stephanie found that they had arrived in the USA from
Scotland. So I searched the index of the Scottish
census - one has to pay to search in detail, but one
can access a free surname search:

Search Count: Census 1861 0; Census 1871 0; Census
1881 0
Census 1891 0; **Census 1901 8**

Old Parish Records Births & Christenings 1553 - 1854 O
Old Parish Records Banns & Marriages 1553 - 1854 0
Statutory Register Births **1855 - 1904 2**
Statutory Register Marriages / Banns 1855 - 1929 0
Statutory Register Deaths **1855 - 1954 1**
Wills & Testaments 1513 - 1901 0

However if you enter GRENROCK [nb not GREENROCK] into
one of the best known internet genealogy sites you
even find an ancestry world tree of a Jewish
*GRENROCK* family >from Belgium [Bernard b. 10 Jan 1890
Brussels - marrying Bessi b. 10 March 1895 in
Edinburgh, Scotland - both died in LA]. Bessi's
father was Harris PASS b: 1865 in Latvia and her
mother Anna Unknown b: 1877 in Latvia.

Scotland had a relatively large population of Latvian
and Lithuanian Jews. We also read that *GRENROCK* was
originally *GRIENROCK* in Belgium!* What is
particularly satisfying is that we can correlate the 8
GREENROCK in the Scottish census of 1901 with the ones
arriving in the USA in three separate waves.

My conclusion is that GRUNROCK/GRIENROCK families
arrived in Scotland sometime between 1891 and 1901 -
changed their name to
GRE{E}NROCK, then left again - most probably for the
USA. Please note the GREENROCK births and deaths as
well in Scotland.

They then disappeared in the USA, so they must have
dropped the "ROCK" suffix and became plain *GREEN* or
died out?

And SSDI and IGI searches are also revealing. Try all
A close study of the SSDI data may reveal the
existence of Jewish GREENROCK, even today.

from the evidence Stephanie sent me, I would say that
at least some of these
[Austrian subjects]. We may find them in the jri-pl
database under variant spellings. I have yet to search

I thank Stephanie for the friendly and, hopefully,
successful collaboration. At least Norma Schaffer [she
posed the original question and queried the connection
with hunting] will now know that her GRUNROCK were not
the only ones on the planet. They are still "out
there", probably in disguise.

Celia Male [U.K.]

*To confuse matters even more, there appear to be bona
fide English GRENROCK families living in
Leicestershire [UK].

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