Re: Rosdzin and Zabada #poland

Alexander Sharon

Uri Nissel" wrote

Could anyone tell me, what other names are for the towns of Rosdzin and
Zabada. Bouth probably in Silesia. Were mentionend in the 19th cent.

Searching: BEINER - Silesia, DAWIDOW - Minsk, GOTTLIEB - Galicia and
Dueseldorf, KLEMANN - Silesia, LEVIN - Minsk and Odessa, NISSEL -
Silesia, ULLMANN - Wuertzburg

Shalom, Uri.

Rozdzien' is Katowice (Upper Silesia) suburb. Just next to Szopienice.
Zabada is probably corrupted Zawada.
Nearest to Katowice Zawada is located a bit north of town, just NE >from
Piekary Slaskie.


Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Canada

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