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Hi, Geoff,

Using the JewishGen Given Names Data Base
and US to foreign -Miriam we get:

Legal/Hebrew: Miryam Marlin\Marosh\Marush
Gender: F Legal Origin: Exodus 15:20
Yiddish: Meryam / Meryem / Mirem / Mirom / Miryam /
Miryem / / Marlin? / Marosh? / Marush?

You can see that Yiddish versions of the name would
match the stone in Petach Tikva.

As to Ze'ev - the Wolf, symbol of the tribe of
Benjamin... almost all Ashkenazi Ze'ev - who are/were
called Velvil [sic] in Yiddish are know by variations
of English William, Geman Wllhelm, Spanish Guillermo,
French Guillaume, Dutch Willem as a translation into
the local language of their given name.

Hope this helps,
Shellie Wiener
San Francisco, CA
Subject: Thanks for Cemetry Records >from Petach Tikva
From: "Geoff Kaiser" <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 21:49:02 +0000
X-Message-Number: 1

Dear Researchers,

thank you to all those that replied to my request for
assistance with the Hebrew Web site for the Petach
Tikva Cemetry. I was flooded with replies. Please
accept this as my thanks to you all. However, as
usual new information always results in new questions!

Is any one familiar with the given name of Marash or
Marsh. This
appeared on one of the entries for a burial I had
enquired about. The name I was expecting was Miriam.
Is there any connection bewteen these names.

Also Efraim KAISER had his entry giving his father's
Hebrew name as Ze'ev. My records have his given name
as Wilhelm. What connection is there bewteen given
names and Hebrew names if any.

I look forward to an interesting discussion

Geoff Kaiser

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