Missing Radzyn Podlaski records found! #poland

Stanley Diamond

At the conference in Las Vegas last summer, the Jewish Records Indexing -
Poland presentation referred to the "discovery of missing records" for
various towns. In the talk, it was mentioned that:

"Each year some researchers with roots in Poland are the beneficiaries
of newly discovered registers, those that were either misfiled, mis-labeled
or in undocumented collections. In other cases, civil records offices
uncover books they didn’t know they had and pass them along to the PSA.

Fortunately, archivists in Poland are now bringing new discoveries to the
attention of JRI-Poland whenever they come across something they know
would be of interest to us .

It's happened again!

A few months ago, JRI-Poland placed an order with the Grodzisk Maz.
archives for copies of the 1905 index pages for the Radzymin records.
While studying the various registers in the fond, a staff member of the
archives realized that some of the books were not for Radzymin.
JRI-Poland was notified and, at our request, a detailed review of these
registers were made.

We learned that the registers are for Radzyn Podlaski and consist of
the following years/types:

Birth register: 1879 - 1913
Marriage registers 1863-1893, 1894-1906
Death register: 1882-1895

Index pages for these records have been ordered and an announcement
about the new Radzyn Podlaski indexing project will be made in the
near future.

One cautionary note...researchers should be reminded that this
was a unique find, and should NOT be considered as an omen for the
survival of missing registers of Jewish vital records for other towns.

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland, Inc. is an independent U.S.
non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Stanley Diamond
Executive Director, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

Robinn Magid
Archive Coordinator, Lublin branch of Polish State Archives

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