Relatives who stopped off in Manchester,England from Augustov #poland

marvins S kaplan <mkaplan1@...>

My mothers family (Tenrosen.... maiden name Steinberg.... >from
Augustov or its vacinity) lived in Manchester, England >from 1901 to
about 1905.

I suspect that they changed their name during the stay in England. I
know that my mother attended school (under the age of 5) in Manchester
and that other children in the family were placed in a hospital with
scarlet fever. My guess guess is that they lived with relatives in
Manchester before embarking for America..

I am seeking some basic information such as:

What was (or is) the name of the Manchester area that most of the Jewish
immigrants lived (e.g. Oldham, Rochdale etc)?
Does anybody know the name of the elementary school in that area ?
Does anybody know the name of the area hospital ?

Thanks in advance for any help......
I can supply grandparents names >from Augustov area... and info that
they owned a mill in the Augustov area.

Marvin S Kaplan

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