Reference Book on Jews from Posen #poland

Geoff Kaiser <geoff_kaiser@...>

Dear Researchers,

I have just recently been advised of a excellent book on the Jews of Posen.
See below.

"Aus Vergangenheit und Gegenwart der Juden und Jud. Gemeinden in den Posener
Landen" is the title of the book published in 1909 by Dr. A. Heppner and J.

It has a chapter on each of about 100 Posen Jewish communities. 14 pages on
Ostrowo, 3 pages on Unruhstadt, etc. It's loaded with names and lists. You
might find it in a university or national library."

I have had difficulty locating this book. Is there some one out that has a
copy or access to one.

Please respond privately and I can advise of more details.

Many thanks

Geoff Kaiser

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