Hauschner/Haushner Family Birnbaum/Bresslau #poland

Helen McCaig <helenmccaig@...>

I am looking for further information to add to the Hauschner Family
Tree. My great grandmother and great grandfather were Friedereke
Schwarz born 1811 and Jakob Hauschner (?) died Birnbaum (?)
(Miedzychod)/ Friedereke died in Bresslau (Wroclaw). I can't find any
records for Birnbaum which was in Prussia at that time. I have a family
tree that includes their children Marcus b 1840, Herman b1841, Isaac
1850, Gustav 1851. There must have been more children. Another family
member thinks there was a Jacob and a Henrietta. I was looking at
additional pages of testimony and I think Jacob Hauschner was the son of
Henrietta but I now can't find the particular source. Can anyone help?
I think some of Herman's offspring emigrated to South Africa while
other family members emigated to America and Israel. My grandfather
Isaac ended up in Scotland not sure if he was heading for America.

Presumably Hauschner was the name given to the family by the Germans.
It does not seem to be very common. The Avotaynu books of
German/Jewish surnames is not very helpful.

I am also finding it difficult to find where birth certificates would be
held for the family. I visited both Miedzychod, Wroclaw and Poznan last
year and was unable to locate the office that would hold such

Any help would be appreciated.

Helen McCaig

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