Graves in Baden bei Wien #poland

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

A friend of mine in Vienna has just been to the Jewish
cemetery in Baden-bei-Wien - a famous spa town, where
many visitors >from outside Austria itself came for the
"cure". She took photographs of quite a few graves.

Two of the photographs could be of relatives of
members of this group:

GOLDMANN Leon >from Warsaw died on 5 Tannus June/July
1906] Grave 767 [G531]

PINS Chaje >from Lemberg died aged 76 on 1 July 1896
Grave 664 [P 1228]

I have screened the list of graves which could be of
interest to members of JRI-Poland [they have not yet been
located and photographed]: the data is as given in the
German-language cemetery database:

ALEXANDROWITSCH Moses, Krakow, 25.5.1891 - 15.4.1926
BECHER Dwora, Kolomea - died 23.3.1917
GOLD Rosalia, Husyatin Galicia - 1850-1919
GOLDBERG Lazar, Lemberg 27.2.1857-2.3.1916
GROSS Frieda {child >from Kscheschowice? Galicia, Jan
1915 - June 1916
INFELD Julius, Krakow, 1845 - March 1918
JUTTES Friedericke nee RAPPAPORT, Lemberg died 3.8
LUBINGER David, Lemberg, 14 11 1849 - 8.7.1917
MEISL Frieda, Charkow, Poland, died 30 August 1922
PEARL David US citizen died 11.03.1903
PILPEL Leon, Brody, Galicia 4.9.1917
RUBEL Marie nee SMIDKES Tygmienica, Galicia 4.9.1839-
RUBINSTEIN Isak, >from Kadlaborgeia?, died June 1876
SCHWAGER Bernhard, honorary citizen of Podwoloczyska,
Galicia, 31.12.1872-4.5.1924
WAGSCHAL Rosa nee ADLERSTEIN, Husyatin, Galicia, died
WEINFELD Chaim, Gorlice, Galicia 25.4.1928

There are also a few Bukowina, Russian, Bulgarian,
Hungarian and others citizens.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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