Re: Is Stroczma or Streczma the same as Straciunai? #poland

Alexander Sharon

From: "MARA FEIN" <>

My ggm's 1866 birth registration >from JRI Poland lists the place of
registration as Sereje in Suwalki gubernia/Bialystock Province located at
54 14 23 49. The town looks like Stroczma or Streczma according to the
translation I was provided.

The only shetl name that looks even similar is Straciumai. Can anyone
help me out here?

You've got already town's name and its coordinates.
Town appears (refer to ShtetlSeeker) in Lithuania as Seirijai at exactly
5414 2339, as you have already listed, with the following 'alternative'
names: Sereje, Seyriyay, Serze, Seiriju.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab., Canada

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