Seirejai #poland

Diane Jacobs <thegenie@...>

Just to let you know the JRI-Poland database has
Birth, marriage and death records indexed for Seirejai.

Should you find any connection of your family to Mordesowitz
(spelling varies), let me know as I have family >from there.

Diane Jacobs
Somerset, NJ

From: "MARA FEIN" <>

My ggm's 1866 birth registration >from JRI Poland lists the place of
registration as Sereje in Suwalki gubernia/Bialystock Province located at
54 14 23 49. The town looks like Stroczma or Streczma according to the
translation I was provided.

The only shetl name that looks even similar is Straciumai. Can anyone
help me out here?
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