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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

At the end of my recent posting with this subject
line, I asked whether anyone could tell me if the
names I had listed had any meaning in Polish or

I received two replies, both implying that the
words/names were literal translations of the original
English word STERLING into Polish and Hungarian.

So I looked at the definitition of the word STERLING
in English and was in for a big surprise and perhaps a
closer understanding of the Jewish family name:

1. Middle English, silver penny: possibly sterre,
star; ..... ie small star stamped on the coin);

2.Sterling [Old Eng. sterlynge, starling,
for easterling, Latin: esterlingus, probably from
Easterling, once the popular name of German trades in
England, whose money was of the purest quality: cf.
Middle High German: sterlink a certain coin.

"Certain merchants of Norwaie, Denmarke, and of others
those parties, ..... termed ***easterlings***, because
they lie east in respect of us.'' [this comes >from the
16th century English Chronicler, Holinshed, who was a
valuable historical source for Shakespeare].

In the reign of King Richard I, coins minted in the
East parts of Germany was especially favoured in
England because of their purity and were called
*Easterling monie* as all inhabitants of those
parts were called Easterlings.....

Please note the connotation with East. Could the
family name STERLING be a version of OESTERLING [cf
OESTERREICHER] ie >from the East?

Celia Male [U.K.]

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