Hasidim among your ancestors? #poland

Carol W. Skydell <cskydell@...>

If you've found Hasidim among your ancestors, how much do you know about
their practices?

Why did Polish Jews turn to Hasidim, and how did these ideas sweep like
wildfire through Jewish society?

Glenn Dynner's book , "Men of Silk " is an in-depth exploration of this
revolutionary impact on Polish Jewry in the 19th century. He draws on
newly-discovered Polish archival sources and Hasidic texts to describe
the leaders as successful populists who deftly combined mysticism with a
pragmatic approach to politics and business. Dynner's work also looks at
the full range of Hasidic followers, >from the downtrodden of
the shtetls to the well-to-do of Warsaw.

This 396 page book can provide a helpful context for your family's own
story. If you're exploring the genealogy of 19th-century Poland, you'll
find it useful, and it will be especially interesting if your family has
Hasidic predecessors. Meticulously researched, it includes sources and
notes for anyone who wants to investigate further and most importantly,
broaden their knowledge about Hasidim and their influence.

"Men of Silk" (product code OUP201) is available now at $65 plus S&H
from the JewishGenMall. http://www.jewishgenmall.org
Carol W. Skydell, Vice President
JewishGen Special Projects

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