Documentary: The Legacy of Jedwabne #poland

Jose Gutstein

The documentary, "The Legacy of Jedwabne" is being broadcast on Link TV
(satellite tv station) on May 30 at 11pm, May 31 at 5pm and June 1 at 8pm.

The Legacy of Jedwabne is a feature-length documentary that tells the story
of a pogrom in 1941 in Jedwabne, Poland, a small town in Northeast Poland,
where Jews had lived side by side with local Poles for over two centuries.
By the outbreak of the Second World War, they constituted more than half of
the town's 2,500 inhabitants. Relations were peaceful for the most part
until July 10, 1941 when, just days after the Germans occupied Jedwabne,
almost the entire Jewish population of the town was murdered.

A Polish investigation into the massacre was conducted by the Institute of
National Memory (IPN), a government body responsible for investigating
crimes against the nation. In December 2001, IPN's director held a press
conference stating that, not only did local Poles perpetrate the massacre
without the active involvement of Nazi forces, but the Jedwabne pogrom was
not an isolated incident: hundreds of Jews were murdered in similar attacks
in over 20 towns in the region.

Jose Gutstein
Radzilow web page:

(Radzilow is only 9 miles away >from Jedwabne, and was one of those towns
where similar pogroms took place; this one 3 days earlier, on July 7, 1941)

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