Yizkor Book Monthly Report for May 2006 #poland

Joyce Field

May 2006 has been a very busy one for the Yizkor Book Project. We
have one new online "book" (really, a collection of original essays),
four new books started, seven new entries, and 12 updates. All
yizkor book material is available at the Index page at
http://www.jewishgen.org/Yizkor/translations.html. If you are not
familiar with this site, notice at the top of the page, just under
the JewishGen logo, is a list of sites you can access directly by
clicking on the name--for example, Database, Necrology Index, or
Infofiles. There is a wealth of information directly accessible >from
this one page with just a click. Also note that the yizkor material
is listed under four different categories. New material is flagged
for easy identification.

This month we have begun a new online collection, called "The
Terrible Choice: Some Contemporary Jewish Responses to the
Holocaust," at
Melvyn Conroy, the author, writes: "This collection of brief
essays is an attempt to portray the character and personality of a
number of the prominent Jews of occupied Europe, and the manner in
which they responded to the unique circumstances of the Shoah."
Thus far, we have eight essays online.

New books:

-Biecz, Poland
-Indura, Belarus
-Klobuck, Poland
-Transylvania, Hungary:
Listed under Regions

New entries: Pinkas HaKehillot

-Druskininkai, Lith: Poland, vol. VIII
-Gdansk, Poland: Poland, vol. VI
-Krosno, Poland: Poland, vol. III
-Novogrudok, Belarus: Poland, vol. VIII
-Nowy Zmigrod, Poland: Poland, vol. III
-Ostrog, Ukraine: Poland, vol. V
-Polanka, Poland: Poland, vol. VIII


-Braslaw, Belarus
-Dabrowa, Poland
-Dembitz, Poland (Polish translation)
-Gabin, Poland
-Kalusz, Ukraine
-Kolbuszowa, Poland
-Lanovtsy, Ukraine
-Nowy Sacz, Poland
-Nowy Targ, Poland
-Shumskoye, Ukraine
-Stepan, Ukraine
-Zloczew, Poland

Frequently I remind our readers that a number of yizkor books are
being translated by professional translators. The list is at
You can make a needed donation to these books and to JewishGen at
this site. Remember that JewishGen provides all the infrastructure
to make the Yizkor Book Project available to everyone at no cost, but
there is a cost to providing this material online and we hope that
our readers will generously support JewishGen, making their
appreciation known in this way.

At this time i want to thank once again our wonderful "international"
Yizkor Book Project volunteers who so efficiently get the
translations online: Lance Ackerfeld (Israel), Max Heffler (U.S.),
and Osnat Ramaty (Germany). They are a remarkable team. And to all
the people who donate their translations week after week, month after
month, we send our appreciation for their generosity and talent.

Joyce Field
JewishGen VP, Data Acquisition

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