Lodz and Warsaw ghetto - dramas on BBC Radio 4 #poland

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Many of us have relatives who died in the Lodz ghetto.
This Friday's drama documentary, "The Conversation"
on BBC Radio 4 should therefore be of particular
interest and poignancy.

It is based on tape-recorded interviews in the form of
a "question and answer" dialogue with a survivor and
the son of a survivor, whose father arrived in Britain
in 1945 aged 20 and never told him anything of his
horrendous youthful experiences. It was 24 years after
his father's death that he finally knew the facts.
"The Conversation" is described as a dramatic
reconstruction of a conversation between Trevor
FRIEDMAN whose father was a Jewish slave labourer in
the War and Roman HALTER, who had shared the same

You can listen to it on "BBC Listen Again" till the
coming Friday - it is informative and horrific.
Stutthof conditions are also discussed as are
Mengele's sadistic selection processes - all in a
matter-of-fact calm manner.


Go to "The Afternoon Play (45 min)
Broadcast on Radio 4 - Fri 30 Jun - 14:15

The drama I am just listening - "Dr Korczak's Example"
about the orphanage in the Warsaw ghetto is also
well-worth listening to: read about Dr KORCZAK here:


Unfortunately, the play will bring tears to your eyes
-especially the last ten minutes describing the
liquidation of the orphanage and the transportation of
he children to Treblinka.

Dr KORCZAK's legacy to world at large is the the
United Nation's "Rights of the Child".

Go the the Saturday Play - on Radio 4 "Listen
again." You have one week to listen to it.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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