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Steven Bloom <sbloom@...>

You did not say where your grandfather's family ended up after Poland, so
it may be hard to give you the maximum amount of guidance, but here are
some suggestions:

1. For whatever country they migrated to, try to find immigration records
(such as a ship manifest). If its the US, this may not be so hard, but for
other countries, depending on what they are, it could be more difficult.
These records often give a town name and or country (often mispelled
though, so be careful).

2. Though names such as "Poland" and "Russia" might have different meanings
to different people depending on time period, you might as well assume they
were >from a part of Poland that is in the JRI-Poland records indicies, and l
ook through them. Yes, there are probably hundreds of Jacobs, and thousands
of Cohens, but you can search by given names as well, or search for two
surnames together, etc. Who knows, maybe someone is even trying that as this
gets written.

3. Again, there are other options dependent on country they eventually went
to (such as social security applications in the US, etc.).

I have recently discovered that my JACOBS family come >from Poland. I
have since then discovered that my great - grandmothers name was Hannah
nee COHEN. My grandfather's birth certificate shows our JACOBS surname
as JACOB. My grandfather's name was Woolf (b + - 1887/8 ) and his
parents were Abraham Jaocob / s and Hannah ( nee COHEN). I am struggling
to find where in Poland they came from.

Steven D. Bloom
Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy


Department of Physics and Astronomy
Hampden-Sydney College

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