Re: 1899 CT City Directory - Define the Meaning of "F" ?? #general

Nancy Ring Kendrick <ringgenealogy@...>

Sincere thanks to all of you who replied to my original posting!

For those of you who are interested the "F" means Fairfield.
The abbrevation list is in the very beginning of the directory just before
the "A's"

I firmly believe that the two people listed are our ancestors. What
are the odds of those two given names showing up in a record together
without being related? Leopold RING married Regina KISH in 1900, so
I believe Leopold was setting up his own home for he and his wife,
therefore he was rem. (removed) to Bridgeport. Leopold was
Clementine's brother.

As for Clementine not using her married name DZIEKIEWICZ, we have
learned that her married surname "can" mean RING in English!

Thanks to all of you!

Nancy Ring Kendrick
Port Orange, FL
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Bystra / Kenty / Nowy Sacz / Tarnow

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