Re: Tarnow Schools Project Announcement #galicia

Howard Fink <HowGen@...>

On Jul 12, 2006, Sharon Brown wrote:

This project is a very exciting one. I see in the
shtetl list the town name of Staszow. Will there be
any of the nearby communities >from that area included
in the project? Namely, Osiek, Klimontow, Bogoria,
and others.
The list of towns that I posted indicates that students who were
attending school in Tarnow were identified as being >from those towns.
I am not aware of school records that are available >from these other
towns themselves. I only listed those towns with the most
occurrences, since there were about 400 different towns referenced.
There is one reference to a student >from Osiek, but none (yet) >from
the other two towns that you mention.

Howard Fink
Acton, Massachusetts

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