Announcing the Swierze PSA (Lublin) Project #poland


Dear researchers

Last week, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland received the completed
index of the birth, marriage and death records >from the 19th century
that the Mormons did not microfilm. Now my task is to raise the $480
that JRI-Poland spent to create the Swierze index, and when it has
been funded, the Swierze data (generally >from 1868-1903 with some
missing years) will be added to the JRI-Poland database for anyone to
search without charge.

With the index information, one has the person's name and basic
information allowing them to request the actual birth, marriage or
death certificate >from the Polish State Archives. The Swierze records
are kept in the Lublin branch of the PSA, and certified copies of the
records can be ordered >from the PSA for $10 each through the JRI-Poland
website once the index is funded and has gone on-line.

However, donors of a minimum of $100 US or more to the Swierze PSA
project are eligible to be emailed a copy of the EXCEL spreadsheet and
don't have to wait until the fundraising has been completed to learn more
about these index entries.

Donations to JRI-Poland can be made by check, bank draft or credit
card. Credit card donations can be made by fax or phone since JRI-Poland
doesn't yet have a secured Internet line, they don't want to take credit
card numbers via the Internet.

Donations should be noted for the "Swierze PSA Project" and sent to
Sheila Salo, the JRI-Poland treasurer unless the donation is coming >from
Canada. Please write for instructions on how to make a tax-deductible
donation if you're a Canadian taxpayer. Contributions to JRI-Poland
through Sheila are tax-deductible for US taxpayers. Here's how to contact

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland, Inc.
c/o Sheila Salo, Treasurer
5607 Greenleaf Road
Cheverly, MD 20785 USA

Telephone: (301) 341-1261
Fax: 1-810-592-1768 (24 hours)

Please contact me for updates on this or other Lublin area projects!

Very best wishes,

Robinn Magid
Kensington, California
Lublin Archives Project Coordinator
Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

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