Re: bessarabia digest: February 08, 2017 #bessarabia

Yefim Kogan

from Rita Liegner writes:
Hi, I would like the Lipkani cemetery list. I am happy to donate - should I
let you know when I have done so?

I have already replied to Rita, but want to be clear for everyone in the
group, because there are might be confusion about donation, money and cost,
and why we are asking for donations...

If you are trying to search JewishGen databases, and that includes Romania
(Bessarabia) database where all our records are stored, for that you do not
need to donate anything, if you do not want to. That service is free and as
I understand will be free!

Why we are asking for donations? We need to pay hired photographers to make
photos of tombstones, pay local researchers to copy or transcribe set of
records, pay archives to send us copy of newspapers, documents, etc. etc.

What we offering at Bessarabia SIG now:
- for $100 donation - the whole list of CEMETERY records for a particular
cemetery. If you find your ancestors at that list, we will also send you
copies of photos for the graves. That list might be available even before
the cemetery records/photos are uploaded to JOWBR. I think that such lists
can help you in your person research, especially if you are not sure about
the names of your ancestors;

- for $100 donation - a set of Revision Lists for town/year, like in case of
Kishinev, you may want to get a list of Kishinev 1848 Revision, and here if
you find your ancestors, we will send you a copy of the original page in

I have sent to many of our members cemetery town sets and also Revision

In order to get these sets, you need to send me a receipt of your donation
and the cemetery (town) or Revision(town, year) you want to get.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

All the best,
Yefim Kogan, Inna Vayner
Bessarabia SIG Leaders and Coordinators

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