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I am researching my paternal relations ABERSZTAJN and wonder if anyone can

(1) my great-aunt Estera Abersztajn (b.1850), of Poddebice/Sieradz, married
(~1884) Icek Garbacz vel Lewinski of Blaszki. she brought to that marriage a
son, Zelik (b. february 4, 1880, Sieradz), >from her previous marriage (to
Zelik Szerkowski of Sieradz; d.1879/80). so i'm looking for ZELIK LEWINSKI
and his family.

(2) my great-aunt Sura Abersztajn (b.1870), of Sieradz and Lodz, married
(1900) Lejzor Akerman (b.1876) of Slawno (Wolanowskie). they lived in
Lodz-Baluty. so i'm looking for my great-aunt's AKERMAN family.

(3) my cousin Estera Abersztajn (b.1898; died chelmno 1942), of Lodz,
married (1925) Abram Salomon Jakubowicz (b. ~1896). they had a son, Pawel
(?) Fajwel; b. march 15, 1928). all three were in the lodz ghetto. so i'm
looking for PAWEL / FAJWEL JAKUBOWICZ and his family.

(4) Ajzek Abersztajn (b.1915), of Lodz, married, ~1936-7, Helena xxxxxxxx
(her maiden name is illegible). they had a son, Josef, b.~1937/8. Ajzek went
off to fight in the Polish Army and Helena and Josef have not been heard of.
apparently they were not in the Lodz ghetto. perhaps she married again. so
i'm looking for HELENA and JOSEF ABERSZTAJN -- but she probably acquired
another married name during the war or shortly after, if she survived.

any help on any of my family wld be most gratefully received. thank you.

Richard Astor

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