New Town Leader for Nowa Slupia #poland

Erez Gotlieb <erezgot@...>

The Kielce Archive team is happy to announce that Sam
Lenger is now the Town Leader for the town of Nowa
Slupia, Poland.

In addition, the Kielce Archive has recently received
index files for the following towns: Bodzentyn,
Daleszyce, Konskie, Radoszyce, and Nowa Slupia and the
fundraising goals have been set.

We are seeking volunteers to serve as Town Leaders for
Bodzentyn, Daleszyce, and Radoszyce.

For additional information, please contact Erez
Gotlieb, Archive Coordinator.

Erez Gotlieb
Kielce Archive Coordinator
Researching GOTLIB, GOLDLUST, LEWI, CZALCZYNSKI >from Kielce, Checiny

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