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Prof. G. L. Esterson <jerry@...>

Greg Tuckman posted as follows:

"One of my ancestors, >from Lublin, Poland had the given name of Icek Eysyk.
I have seen this a number of times in the 19th century vital records, but
only in the city of Lublin. The spelling is always different for the first
and second name. Does anyone know if there is a meaning behind this
'double name'?"

Both of the names presented were Polish transliterations and/or variants of
Yiddish names: Icek for Itsek, and Eysyk for Aysik. The Yiddish names
Ayzek and Ayzik were Yiddish kinuim (aliases) for the Hebrew name Yitschak,
while Icek was a common Polish-spelled variant for the Hebrew name Yitschak.

What this amounts to is that it is likely that the Legal Jewish name of the
person would have been Yitschak haMechune Ayzik ben Ploni. Here
"haMechune" is a technical Hebrew term which means "known as" or "alias",
and Ploni is the Legal Given Name of the father of Yitschak Ayzik. The
above is how the Legal Jewish name would have been written in a Get (Jewish
divorce contract, or other contract, e.g., Ketuva). This person would have
been called to an aliya to the Tora using the name: "Yitschak Ayzik ben

Thus, Greg should be on the lookout in archival documents for the names
mentioned here, as well as other variants presented in the JewishGen Given
Names Data Base for Poland, found at the following web site:

< >

Search for the Hebrew name "Yitschak" (without the quotation marks).

Prof. G. L. Esterson, Ra'anana, Israel

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