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ellen moshenberg

I received lots of replies about the Flatows. I guess I made a mistake
by not mentioning they were >from Lomza in the north east corner of
what today is Poland.

The Flatows that everyone but one has written about seem to originate
from Germany and Warsaw and immigrated early in the 19th century to
the US and UK.

The American ones seem to have gone first to NY then the midwest and
then some back again. I imagine if I could trace the Lomza Flatows
back far enough there may be shared ancestors but so far I cannot even
trace forward!!

There is a Lomza birth certificate >from 1877 maybe my great
grandmother Frejda Flatow. She is also mentioned in my grandparents
replacement marriage license but I am unable to find a marriage, death
certificate for her or birth record for her children or Ellis Island
entry for her.

There is a possible Polish birth certificate for Julius Chmielewski
from 1896 which gives his father as Elias Chmielewski and his mother
as Freda Yudkovna Leibowitz. Could this just be a coincidence that two
two differnet families >from Lomza with such similar names or could
Fredas family just be habitual name changers :) ?

By the way I am also unable to find any death record for Elias. In the
1970s my grandmother told me that he died in NY which no one else
seems to have known.

There was also a younger sibling Avram Chmielewski who disappeared in
Tel Aviv. Very strange.

I will reply personally to everyone who wrote to me. Thanks for your
help and would be interested in any ideas.

Hag samaech.
Ellen Moshenberg

On 10/11/06, ellen moshenberg <ellenmoshenberg@...> wrote:
I am searching decedents of Julius FLATOW who may also have used the
last name FLATAU OR CHMIELEWSKI OR MIELEWSKI. He was born in Lomza,
Poland as Judka CHMIEWLEWSKI around 1896 and died in New York in 1956.
He may have lived briefly in Stawiski, Poland as well.

His mothers name was Freda Flatow and she died in New York around
1908. His father Elias CHMIELEWSKI went back and forth to Poland and
Julius apparently lived with his mothers relatives the FLATOWs in New
York and probably adopted their last name. Note there is a variation
on the spelling of FLATOW and the CHMIELEWSKIs also used MIELEWSKI as
a variation.

His sister, my grandmother, Jenny MIEWLEWSKI Grudzinski, told me that
their father Elias also died in New York although we have not been
able to find any record of that.

I would be delighted to hear >from anyone with any possible connection
to this family.

Hag samaech,

Ellen (Dunn) Moshenberg


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