Fischer, Horowitz #austria-czech

Anita Fischer

I have been trying for years to find anyone of my husband's father's
family.His father, Baruch Fischer was born in Chernovitz in 1880.
Baruch's mother's name was Chancie Brum and his father was Fishel Fischer.
Baruch emigrated to America,to San Francisco where he married and had a
son and a daughter. Name of daughter was Anna, son's name unknown.
After the earthquake in 1906, he left wife and children and returned to Europe.
He later enlisted in the Austrian army and fought in WW1. He kept in touch
with his children. He married again in Vienna and my husband, Walter
Fischer was born in 1930. In 1938, Walter, his father and a friend of
his father left Austria and tried to enter Switzerland. Entering illegally,
they were arrested, jailed and returned to France. They then went to
Vichy France. Walter and the friend ended up in a camp in Gurs. His father
went to Marseille to find work. Walter never saw his father again.
When Vichy fell, Walter got into Switzerland and was allowed to stay.
He eventually came to Canada. Many years later, while visiting Vienna,
I asked a family member if there had been any other family on the fathers
side and was told yes, a family with a daughter. Walter thinks their
name was Horowitz. That's all we know. We also know that the daughter
from California was living in Buffalo, NY in 1938. I realize that this
is like trying to find a needle in a haystack but if anyone can help,
maybe Jewishgen can

Anita Fischer,
Montreal, Canada.


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