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My name is Jeannette RAPOPORT nee Hubschman, living in Lille (France)
My father, Meyer Hubschman, born on 7th of november 1901 in NADWORNA by
those times in Poland (now NADVIRNA in Ukrain), came in France about 1920-
1925, was deported >from France to Auschwitz and then to Mauthausen (Austria)
where he died in February 1945. His mother's name was Chaja (I don't know
his father's name). He had siblings: Jutte, born in 1894, Jacob born in
1899, Abe born in 1897.

I was 7 years old when he was deported and it's why I don't know more about
his family.

I try now to find some relatives >from my father's family. Do you belong to
it? Can you help me if you know other Hubschman's?

Many, many thanks and best regards for you

Jeannette Rapoport
56 bis Bd de la LIBERTE
59000 LILLE

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