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Pamela Weisberger <pweisberger@...>

Gesher Galicia is very excited about Mark Halpern's announcement of the new
JRI-Poland Area Shtetl CO-OP project to index the valuable collection of LDS
microfilms of Jewish records >from the L'viv archive.

For those of you who have viewed the entire list of these microfilms on the
FHL website and compared it to the inventory as detailed on Miriam Weiner's
website and on the Gesher Galicia website (composed by Alex Dunai, entitled:
Jewish Records in the Lviv Archive) you should know that three record books,
which should have been at these archives, are currently missing or
unavailable, and, therefore, unfilmed. These are:

Kaminka Strumilova - Marriages - 1789-1861
L’viv - Marriages - 1835-1842
Khystynopol -Marriages - 1933

"Missing" means that they could not be found during the LDS microfilming
process. It is possible that these are gone forever (possibly stolen in
light of the discovery of thefts at the archive last year) or simply
mis-filed or misplaced, and may eventually yet be located. If anything more
is learned about these particular books, information will be posted on the

In the meantime, please consider volunteering for this important indexing
project by contacting Mark Halpern at or Hadassah
Lipsius at

Pamela Weisberger
Research Coordinator, Gesher Galicia

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