Jewish Ukraine West DNA project #poland

Judy Simon <heyjude0701@...>

Announcement of the JEWISH UKRAINE WEST dual geographic project

Anyone with Jewish ancestors >from western Ukraine or eastern Poland who
would like to trace their ancestry by DNA testing is invited to participate
in therecently formed Jewish Ukraine West dual Geographic project. Both
Y-DNA tests for searching male lineages and mtDNA tests for searching female
lineages are available.

The project is open to people with Jewish ancestors >from the western
Ukraine, Moldova and eastern Poland. The region includes the gubernias
of Podolia, Volhynia, Kiev and Kherson as well as Bessarabia and the
eastern part of Galicia. The goals of the project are to find other
descendants >from the maternal or paternal line, to track migrations of
ancestors, to identify Cohanim or Levite origins and rabbinical families.

Access to the project may be gained at

For questions about the project, contact administrators Joel Trupin or
Judy Simon at <>

Judy Simon

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Please respond privately.

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