Siegels from Poland #poland

Julia Maria Koszewska

Dear Friends,

I have just posted some photos on Viewmate:

Golda Siegel:
Golda Siegel and friend:
Golda Siegel and another friend:
Golda and Nathan Siegel:
Golda and Simra (Simcha?) Siegel:

Soon I will post more photos where it's possible to see some
buildings >from the city/village where they've been living.

does anyone recognize people on photos: Golda, Nathan, Simra
(Simcha?) Siegels and/or Golda's friends?

I am looking for people that had known this family and/or those that
know the friends that appear on photos with Golda.
Does any one knows about this family? Some of the descendants are
living in Denmark today. But I am looking for those that might be the
descendants of Siegels that stayed in Poland and.. what happened to
them during the War. Did they managed to survive? If so, what was
their story, where they (or their descendants) are now?

Actually any information about this family is more than welcome.

I only know that they are >from Poland and in city/village (name
unknown) they had own bakery.

Best regards- Julia Koszewska
email: julia.koszewska@...

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