Where next? How can I find out more about my great great grandfather? #bessarabia

Mabel Thedog <mabelthedog@...>

Dear all,

My great great grandfather, Harris Horne, (Horen/Ehren were also used at different times) was born
in Bessarabia around 1861. He married Sarah Fitchmann (Fechman/Fichmonn also seen!) In Bessarabia
in 1886 - there is a rumour they were cousins but no proof...

I have managed to track them after they moved to England in 1903, but have been unable to find any
record of their life in Bessarabia - so I was wondering if anyone could find anything/ suggest where/if
I might find records about them?

I have more details if required.

Thank you,
Martha Hobby

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