New Lublin Area Data Now On-Line on JRI-Poland Database #poland


Jewish Records Indexing - Poland is delighted to announce the addition of
new information to the JRI-Poland database for towns in the Lublin area.
This includes Krasnik and Konstantynow nad Bugiem, Piaski and Belzyce and
my personal favorite: the City of Lublin itself.

In the case of the Belzyce records, please note that we've also updated
and corrected the 1826-1868 records which are available through the
Family History Center. All other records are available through the
Lublin branch of the Polish State Archives.

The following PSA vital records are now live at the JRI-Poland website at:

City of Lublin - Updated! - 1870-1900 BMD (Births, Marriages & Deaths)

Belzyce - Updated! - 1826-1864 BMD; 1866 BM; 1867-68 BMD

Belzyce - Updated! - 1865 BD; Marriages: 1865, 1882-1886, 1890-1902

Konstantynow nad Bugiem - New! - 1879-99 Births & Deaths; 1879-81, 83-96,
1899 Marriages

Krasnik - New! - Births: 1882-1884; Deaths: 1866, 1871-1886; Marriages:
1866-1876, 1878-85

Piaski - Updated! 1856-62, 64-1897, 1899-1900 Births, Marriages, and

Many thanks to the wonderful volunteers, Shtetl CO-OP coordinators,
townleaders, and typists who made sure these projects are accurate and
complete. Special thanks to Jim Feldman (Krasnik), Joe Newman (Belzyce)
and Oliver Szloss (Belzyce) for their hard work typing and fundraising.

If you would like to order any of these records (other than the Belzyce
records mentioned) using the index entries in this database, you will
have to order them directly >from the Lublin Polish State Archives branch.

The website for the Lublin Archives is:
The email address for the Lublin Archives is: kanc@....

I would suggest that you email the Archive in English with the information
from the JRI-Poland database on the records that you want to acquire. Ask
them to provide the full cost of fulfilling your request and the method
of payment. They will most likely respond to you in Polish and you will
have to get their message translated.

The Lublin Archives will probably request payment by bank (wire) transfer.

Best of luck to you on your search!

Robinn Magid
Lublin Archives Project Coordinator
Kensington, California

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