Re: What is Garejoinne, Austria in 1899? #galicia

Alexander Sharon

Linda Shefer wrote:

The 1899 ship's manifest for siblings Tobias and Harma FELBER lists their
place of origin as Garejoinne, Austria. I have used Shetle Seekers to try
and determine what Garejoinne really is, without success. I don't know
sure, but will hazard a guess that it's located east of Krakow, *possibly*
in the vicinity of Tarnow. If someone feels that it's a town located
elsewhere please don't hesitate to make that suggestion, as I'm not 100%
sure that near Tarnow is the correct neighborhood.


This place is Gorajowice near Jaslo in Krakow Province.


Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

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