Family research in Rezina, Moldova: ROITMAN / SHTIVELBERG #bessarabia

Eli <eli_salomon@...>

Hello Bessarabia SIG,

I wanted to ask for your help in searching for records of the family of my great grandfather, Bencion
ROITMAN, and his wife, Toba SHTIVELBERG.  They lived in Rezina, Moldova, where my grandmother
Rachel ROITMAN and her siblings were born: Yehiel ROTIMAN, Bianca ROITMAN, Ruben ROITMAN,
Sona (Nathan) ROITMAN, and Moishe ROITMAN.  Bencion ROITMAN also had an earlier marriage
(wife name, unknown) with at least two children:  Shmuel (Shmeel) ROITMAN and Yosif ROITMAN. 
Bencion was allegedly the hazan in the Rezina synagogue.

I'd be especially interested to access the Rezina records and learn more about family ancestry. 
Unfortunately, I believe it is necessary to have a specialist locally access the records, and I'd
appreciate any advice in doing that (all recommendations are greatly appreciated).  Likewise, I'd
appreciate any thoughts on places where I may be able to locate records online (or any offices I
can email for further information).

This is my first time posting in any SIG -- please excuse any inadvertent faux pas!

Eli Salomon
San Francisco, CA

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