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The record you want to acquire is the Jewish civil marriage of your
great grandparents. This is a separate marriage ceremony performed by
a Rabbi employed by the Austrian Government to register Jewish civil
marriages. This is, in effect, a second religious ceremony usually
perfomed years after the original "religious" ceremony. The 1902 marriage
was not an official record of the 1886 marriage, but a second marriage
ceremony that was recognized by the Austrian Government.

You can order this record directly >from the AGAD Archive by writing to
them at <> in English providing all the information
you have about the marriage including year, book and page number and ask
for a full cost quote and the method of payment. AGAD will likely respond
in a week or two in English (other Archives usually respond in Polish).
AGAD will request payment by bank (wire) transfer, which will cost US
residents >from $25 to $50 depending on your bank.

If you would like to reduce the unit cost of these bank fees, you should
order more records or find others interested in ordering recrords >from
AGAD and combine orders.

Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland AGAD Archive Coordinator

-------------- Original message ----------------------
I would like to acquire the record of the marriage of my Great Grandparents
that took place in 1902. This was the official record of a religious
marriage that took place prior to 1886.
I have the book and page number, and date.
I searched the RTR web site and found that the marriage records for that
year and town are in the AGAD archive in Warszawa, but could not find how
to go about ordering the document.
Can anyone tell me how I go about ordering this record? What are the fees
and how I go about paying for it?

Errol Schneegurt NY

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