Help with recognition and translation #poland


Dear Fellow researchers

Can anyone help me with the identification of the woman in the photograph
loaded on viewmate 10277 and translation of the back of the photograph on
viewmate 10278.

If this woman is a member of my family she would most likely have come from
Minsk, Stolpce (Steibtz), Bobruisk, Warsaw or Dwinsk. I believe though that
the writing on the back may be in Russian.

They can be accessed directly at.

I am researching MILCENZON, SAGALOWICH, GORFINKEL, Bobruisk, Stolpce, KREIN,
KRELL Daugavpils (Dwinsk), ROUBINE, RUBIN, Warsaw

I would appreciate any help you could give me.

Please respond privately.

Thank you
Melissa McCurdie

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